Point spread functions

Properties & Notation

Measured flux $\phi(x,y) = \int B_z(x-x_0,y-y_0)\rho(x_0, y_0) dx_0 dy_0$ where $B_z$ is the magnetic field perpendicular to the plane of current.

Basic Gaussian

To start I used a simple 2-parameter Gaussian, parametrized in $k$-space. $\rho(k_x, k_y) = e^{-2\pi^2 ((\sigma_x k_x)^2+(\sigma_y k_y)^2)}$. In real space this is just $\rho(x, y) = \frac{1}{2 \pi \sigma_x \sigma_y} e^{-\frac{1}{2}((x/\sigma_x)^2+(y/\sigma_y)^2)}$

The gradients with respect to the variances are then

(Similarly for $\sigma_y$).

Two Gaussians

Sum of two Gaussians to try to get the smear of the SQUID loop key-shape